Try a new Hairstyle at home


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If you want to change your HairStyle but you have doubts about the result, thanks to Hair Pro you will be able to try any style you want without having to go to the Hairdresser.

If you have a digital camera, webcam or scanner, you'll be able to import a picture of yourself (or any one else) directly into the program.

Then, you can choose from a collection of lengths, styles and colors. You can make some adjustments to these full color photos, and produce a multi-page photo album of all the various looks.

You can view these images from your PC, or print out a copy to show it to your hairdresser or your friends.

Imagine yourself with long hair or short hair. Imagine yourself as a brunette or blond. Hair Pro lets you visualize any appearance before taking the big leap.

The trial version gives you access to 56 different hairstyles

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